For Example:

A one day rental picked up on Tuesday at 5:00PM has to be retuned by Wednesday at 5:00PM. However; a one day rental picked up on Friday at 5:00PM has to be returned by Saturday at 2:00PM (Saturday closing time).

Renter agrees by his signature on the face hereof that he has read and is aware of the following terms and conditions concerning the use of the vehicle and accepts full responsibility, herein, this contract is the entire agreement between renter and owner. It is agreed that these terms are contractual and cannot be altered by another document or oral agreement. Owner makes no warranties: Express or implied; renter authorizes owner to verify through credit card agencies or other sources, personal and credit information provided by renter time is of the essence of this agreement as used herein “car” means automobile, van or truck , “OWNER” means or owner’s representative.

1. Ownership, condition of car, term of contract use of or operation of vehicle renter acknowledges vehicles the property of owner, although registered title may be in a third party and acknowledges received car in good physical and mechanical condition.

2. Renter agrees to return car to owner in the same condition as received, on return date stated on reverse or upon demand of owner. Ordinary wear and tear accepted.

3. Renter agrees not to use the car for transportation of persons or property for hire nor carry passengers in excess of the number of seat belts provided by the manufacturer, nor, carry passengers if truck or cargo van is rented, nor remove the seats from the vehicle if it is a passenger van, nor use in violation of any law ordinance or regulation governing the use or return thereof, nor remove from the state of rental without written consent of power.

4. Renter expressly agrees to pay owner on demand.

(A) The mileage charge computed at rate specified on the reverse for miles traveled by car during the period of rental.

(B)  Service and time charges at rate specified on reverse plus other charges if applicable, even if a billing of statement or statement is sent to any other company, individual, or insurance organization, service charges may include a surcharge which represents a portion expenses owner incurs in the rental of each car. Those charges are a calculated at a percentage of mileage, time and drop charges; if the reverse of the agreement indicates ‘Calendar Day”, any fraction of calendar day shall be charged as a full day.

(C)  The value of tires, tools and accessories lost or stolen from car.

(D)  One hundred dollars ($100.00) or not less than one dollar ($1.00) per hour whichever is greater, in addition to all other charges the car is in possession of renter if the odometer is disconnected or tampered with.

(E)  Any fine or legal violation and or parking tickets against the car driver or owner during this contract, except for owners fault.

(F)  A one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month carrying charge on all charges not paid within thirty (30) days after the end of the rental,

(G)  One hundred dollars ($100.00)  fifty cents  (.50) per mile whichever is greater, if the car is not returned to the original rental  office without the written consent of owner.

(H)  All expenses incurred by owner in the collection of monies due owner per this agreement or in regaining possession of the car or in enforcing any term or condition of this rental agreement, including attorney’s fees and costs.

(I)   Damage to rented car if damage waiver is not purchased or does not apply,

5. Damage to rented car, renter is responsible for and agrees to pay owner the fair market value for replacing and/or repairing damage to the rented car, including loss or use, claim administration fees, diminishment of value, towing, storage and impound fees, and costs incurred by owner to recover the car and to establish damages regardless of fault or negligence of the renter or any person, and regardless if damages are the result of an act of God.

5A.  If owner offers and renter agrees to pay an additional fee for damage waiver, if renter has initialed the space “$500.00 deductible-5A” on the reverse of this agreement except deductible and exclusions, owner agrees to waive claims against renter.

A violation of any provision of this agreement invalidates damage waiver.

If a violation exists, damage waiver is voided and renter agrees to present a claim to his insurance agent/carrier for all losses and damages which are renter’s responsiblilty damage waiver does not apply, if car is stolen or if renter driver fails to or refuses to make a report of damage to police or other lawful authorities, or to cover tire chain damages.

Customer/Renter is absolutely responsible for all overhead and side damage to box. The clearance is 12ft. No coverage’s apply.