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Many drivers do not think about rental car insurance when they buy auto insurance. Often it takes an accident and a call to their insurance company for some drivers to find out what they actually have. When needing an insurance replacement car rental, most drivers assume that their personal auto policy automatically covers the cost of them renting a temporary replacement car. 

Always remember though, that this is an optional coverage. Rental car reimbursement coverage must be specifically requested and purchased when you buy your auto insurance policy. 

Rental car reimbursement is offered through almost every auto insurance company. You will pay more for this option in your premium, but the cost of it is minimal in comparison to the cost of what renting a car would be for the time that your vehicle is under repair. The cost of rental reimbursement insurance will generally add an extra dollar or two to your auto insurance premium. 

If you decide to book a rental can for an insurance replacement rental, make sure that you have all of the information you need. You will usually be asked the name of your insurance company, your adjustors' name and phone number, the repair facility name and number and your claim number. 

You will need to know whether you are paying for the rental or insurance company is paying for the rental — rates are lower for insurance companies. BARGAIN RENT A CAR accepets all insurance company pricing polices to make it easy for our renter . Make sure you know whether the cost of the rental will be directly billed to the insurance company, BARGAIN RENT A CAR direct bills most insurance companies. 

Many car rental companies have special insurance replacement rental rates BARGAIN RENT A CAR matches all insurance company rates. No need to be steered away from doing business with Bargain Rent A car because of rates and payment method. YOU CAN CHOOSE Bargain Rent A Car. We will work with your insurer and match they pricing, BARGAIN RENT A CAR will match it. Since there are many types of policies and coverage,Bargain Rent A CAR will make sure to ask the adjuster handling your claim to confirm the maximum daily amount and the maximum total amount they will pay for your car rental. We follow up with the insurance company and the bodyshop or the repair shop to keep you in the car for the needed period of time your car is being repaired. Our Insurance Replacement System. 

As with any car rental, the renter and all additional drivers must meet all drivers' license, age and credit card requirements.